Book Authoring

Write & Publish your Book

The word “Authority” has the word Author in it. One of the fastest way to build your authority is to become a Published Author. 8/10 want to write, but they struggle to conceptualize, write and publish their book.

At TLC, we help all our members to conceptualize their book right from their target audience, topic to choose, book title, sub-title, book framework, and how to write each chapter step by step.

We encourage our members to focus the book as a marketing tool and not as a selling tool. Book becomes our marketing brochure. Members are free to publish the book on their own or take the help of our VP Kailash Pinjani/Manika Singh publishing house “Wings Publications'' at a very special discounted price. They help you to become a Amazon Best Seller and keep 100% Royalty of your book sales.

Book Publishing Support:

All members gain access to the recorded world class “Author Success Program” course followed by frequent Mini-workshops/meet-ups to foster the completion of the book.

  • Write

    Learn how to write your book in 30 days

  • Publish

    Professional publishing support in becoming amazon best-seller

  • Profit

    Keep 100% profits of your sale or use as a marketing tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

You don’t have to pay anything extra to learn, write, receive feedback/ support etc. We encourage our members to publish the book on their own or they can take the help of our affiliate Publisher on the Publishing services at a very nominal rates.

Yes. There is a huge demand for books in regional/native language. It will be a great service if you can share your experience as a book to your reader.

Yes. Absolutely. Our Mastermind Leaders, Lead Chair and Asset Coordinator in each Mastermind along with the Global Leadership team will guide you step by step in unpacking your intelligence into a proper book.

Yes, we have a separate section in our website which showcases all our members' books. Check out this page.

TLC Team and Wings Publication team can help you getting testimonials for your book which enhances your credibility. We do assist our members to launch their physical book in our TLC Annual Conference and save a lot of money. Our Publishers also help in doing a Physical & Virtual soft copy launch to India & International and various other important marketing initiatives in building your author profile.

Book is your Marketing Tool:

We encourage our members to gift the book to their potential prospects so the book becomes a powerful conversion tool. There are many ways a BOOK can attract new clients.

  • Share the 1st chapter as a lead magnet
  • Give-away during your Key-Note Speeches
  • Course Sign-up Bonus
  • Gift it to CEOs and Decision Makers and bag a deal