Elite speaker club

Sharpen your Speaking Skills

As a Coach/Trainer, one important skill we all need to learn is to Speak & Sell. Based on certain qualifying criteria, members become part of the Elite Speaker Club where they get exclusive coaching and handholding to sharpen their speaking skills.

This club members meet monthly and under the guidance of the Founder and the Global Leadership Team, members learn the nuances of Key Note Speaking, Speaking & Selling with constructive and critical feedback to expand and improve their speaking skills.

In TLC, members get an opportunity to speak at various places - Mastermind meeting, National meetings, Virtual Summits, Annual Conferences etc. Members of this club get invited to speak in many such occasions which grows their visibility & credibility.

Elite Speaker Club:

Members of this Elite Club meet monthly to present, practice and pursue their speaking skills

  • Learn

    Learn different styles of speaking & modelling techniques

  • Present

    Members deliver a keynote speech in front of successful coaches

  • Feedback

    Members receive priceless constructive & critical micro-feedback & sharpen their skills

Frequently Asked Questions:

At TLC we believe and practice recognition as one important virtue. We created this club as a means of appreciation and value addition to members who introduced more members in TLC mastermind. Members who sponsor 5 or more to TLC become eligible to be part of Elite Speaker Club. Kindly check with your Mastermind Leadership Team for more information.

This club members meet once a month on a specific day and time for 2 hours.

Yes. Actual learning comes from attending LIVE club meetings. But if due to some reason, if the member is unable to attend, then the recording will be shared only to the Elite Speaker Club members only.

Become a World-Class Speaker:

Our endeavour is to help and maximize the membership benefits of TLC. Being part of this club puts you at the Top 5% of Speakers and Coaches. Added benefits for Club members are

  • Get invited to speak in the TLC Talk Series
  • Get invited to speak in the National meetings
  • Get eligible to become part of the National Training Team