Online training is extremely beneficial for coaches and trainers as we can get the most out of our content through minimum resources. As coaches, building a community is very essential to build your reputation. Building a community online is much easier and much more effective in the long run. Online training is very accessible and it allows you to reach people all around the world with no restrictions.

In each TLC mastermind circle, we have a specialized niche mentor who can help all members who are trying to identify their niche or are unclear about it.

At TLC, all our courses have actionable techniques that members learn and hold each other accountable. This way you can get the most out of the time you've spent learning.

The best time to become a coach is RIGHT NOW. With the e-learning industry booming, we as coaches must take advantage of the momentum of the industry and create content and add the most value to your students.

Each Mastermind have different varieties of coaches like Business Coach, Life Coaching, Fitness Coach, Health & Diet, Meditation, Healing, Leadership etc. You will be personally guided to choose your Niche Target Market and your specialization

Yes. We understand that this career can be fast-tracked only with personal mentoring and support. You will be assigned a mentor to be guided and supported throughout your membership journey.

Don’t worry. Many of us started from scratch. Our Community Members and Mastermind Leaders are here to guide you step by step to help you become a world-class coach/trainer

Yes. Out of sight is out of mind. But we have an attendance policy where you can be absent 3 times in a calendar quarter. Your membership gets cancelled if you take more than 3 absences. Attendance coordinators will guide you in the right direction towards your success.

Each Mastermind is facilitated by Lead Council Chair and Coordinators. Every six months roles get rotated so everyone gets an equal opportunity to explore their leadership skills. Ultimately Teachers are Leaders

Many members in our TLC Community has completed their Level 1 Certification within 90 days. Each Mastermind helps every member to stay in track to complete each level step by step. Masterminds leaders will be guiding and holdholding during the whole process to ensure each member completes all levels. It may take anywhere from 1- 3 years to complete all the levels by investing 2+ hours per week.

Yes. We encourage all our members to first finalize on their Niche area, target audience, create the business model and sell their products/services. Our TLC System is designed to motivate you to implement the coaching & training as you pursue your certifications. Knowledge becomes powerful only when it is applied immediately.

TLC is an Implementation Focused Community. You can consider this as a LIVE business school as you pursue your certification process. TLC Impacts LIFE(Learn-Implement-Feedback-Expand) of our members and their clients through our Weekly Mastermind Meetings, Bi-Monthly LIVE Masterclasses, One-to-One Peer Coaching Process, Speaking Platform in TLC Speaker Clubhouse, Virtual Summits etc

To learn and get certified on Coaching Skills, Business Skills & Technology Skills, it costs more than 100,000 USD. Since our Mission is to create 100,000 World-Class Coaches & Trainers and create more high quality teachers in the world, TLC is the most affordable Mastermind community in the whole world. TLC annual membership fees are paid upfront during registration and no other fees involved. You can attend one mastermind meeting as a delegate for FREE and apply for a membership.

We currently teaching all our LIVE classes via Zoom. Each Mastermind community has a Whatsapp group and members are notified one month in advance on the class schedule. We encourage our membres to attend these classes on a laptop since many sessions are practical and we follow “DITAT” (Do-It-Then-And-There) principle.

Each Live Class, One-to-One Coaching, Mastermind Meetings, few Recorded Courses carry a point system. Each level of certification mandates each member to accumulate LP to qualify for certification.

All members gain access to our private learning management portal where all courses are organized in a structured way. All courses can be accessed as many times a member wants.

No. You don’t have to pay anything extra. It is part of your annual membership fees. We keep adding and upgrading our courses regularly to meet the current market trends

Each Mastermind has a Mastermind Leader, Lead Chair, Technology coordinator along with Vice President. We understand the need for support and hence we continue to help our members in-case they get stuck or login issues etc.

At TLC we believe and practice recognition as one important virtue. We created this club as a means of appreciation and value addition to members who introduced more members in TLC mastermind. Members who sponsor 5 or more to TLC become eligible to be part of Elite Speaker Club. Kindly check with your Mastermind Leadership Team for more information.

Yes. Absolutely. Our Mastermind Leaders, Lead Chair and Asset Coordinator in each Mastermind along with the Global Leadership team will guide you step by step in unpacking your intelligence into a proper book.

TLC Team and Wings Publication team can help you getting testimonials for your book which enhances your credibility. We do assist our members to launch their physical book in our TLC Annual Conference and save a lot of money. Our Publishers also help in doing a Physical & Virtual soft copy launch to India & International and various other important marketing initiatives in building your author profile.

Every Business owner or a professional directly or indirectly is a coach or trainer. They are constantly coaching their staff or convincing their clients. Becoming a Coach/Trainer helps every business owner/professional to train their teammates effectively, foster productivity and shorten their sales cycle. When they become an author, their market credibility rises and gives them a competitive advantage.

TLC is a Learning & Implementation community and not a business or referral generation platform. Here like minded coaches & trainers come together as accountability partners and help each other to fast-track their careers.