Masterclass - live

Masterclass - Live

Recorded Courses alone will NOT help in becoming a Coach or Trainer. In TLC we help our members to attend online LIVE Masterclass twice a month.

In these training sessions, members learn easy actionable techniques that can be implemented then and there. Members learn vital digital marketing skills, technology skills, business skills and coaching skills which are essential to expand coaching practice.

The Masterclasses are conducted by TLC certified national trainers and deliver 10x value to all our members. Each training carries points which are required for TLC certification. Recordings of these classes are also shared to all members for continuous learning.

Asset Creation:

We help our members to create valuable assets as part of their coaching journey in TLC. Having saleable assets helps our members to grow their coaching business

  • Book Publishing

    Becoming an Author elevates Authority and becomes a competitive advantage

  • Online Courses

    Monetize your knowledge and experience by creating world-class online courses

  • Membership Programs

    Help our members to create their own tribe/followers with recurring revenues

Frequentky Asked Questions:

All our Bi-Monthly LIVE workshops are part of our annual membership. No additional payments required. Members attend LIVE Masterclass every month to learn more and gain certification learning points. Watching the recorded version does not qualify for learning points.

We currently teaching all our LIVE classes via Zoom. Each Mastermind community has a Whatsapp group and members are notified one month in advance on the class schedule. We encourage our members to attend these classes on a laptop since many sessions are practical and we follow “DITAT” (Do-It-Then-And-There) principle.

Yes, all National Trainings are recorded and shared to all Mastermind members. You can re-attend these recorded courses as many times you want. You need to attend LIVE classes to gain Learning points credit.

Each Live Class, One-to-One Coaching, Mastermind Meetings, few Recorded Courses carry a point system. Each level of certification mandates each member to accumulate LP to qualify for certification.

World Class Trainings

We follow a DITAT principle which helps all our members to learn & implement then and there. Sometimes each Mastermind conducts monthly Hackathons to foster speedy implementation. These LIVE learnings help our members to:

  • Accelerate Learning and beat procrastination
  • Become the BEST in the Industry faster
  • Become a Marketing Expert and Grow Clients faster
  • Learn strategies from peers and act as per market needs