Mastercoach certification

MasterCoach Certification

We help our members to become World-Class Coaches & Trainers with our 3 level certification process. We follow a simple, practical and proven process in equipping even an amateur coach or trainer in becoming a world-class coach/trainer.

Each Level involves a combination of completing online video courses, attending LIVE Masterclasses, doing One-to-One Coaching Practice with peers & mentors, submitting assignments which will be duly verified by the TLC Global Leadership Team.

We follow a simple principle in TLC, “You may be the best, but you need to be SEEN as the best too.” Each level helps our members to not only to expand their coaching skills but also on the business building process and automating their technology to GROW their business.

TLC Coaching Certification Levels:

3 Levels of Certifications offered to all our members. We follow International standards, documentation process using technology and hold each other accountable in the growth journey.

  • Level 1 TLC Certified Coach

    10,000 Learning Points needed to complete this basic level Certification

  • Level 2 TLC Professional Coach

    25,000 Learning Points needed to become a thorough Professional

  • Level 3 TLC Master Coach

    50,000 Learning Points needed to become an Influencer and a well-renowned Brand

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many members in our TLC Community has completed their Level 1 Certification within 90 days. Each Mastermind helps every member to stay in track to complete each level step by step. Masterminds leaders will be guiding and holdholding during the whole process to ensure each member completes all levels. It may take anywhere from 1- 3 years to complete all the levels by investing 2+ hours per week.

Yes. We encourage all our members to first finalize on their Niche area, target audience, create the business model and sell their products/services. Our TLC System is designed to motivate you to implement the coaching & training as you pursue your certifications. Knowledge becomes powerful only when it is applied immediately.

TLC is an Implementation Focused Community. You can consider this as a LIVE business school as you pursue your certification process. TLC Impacts LIFE(Learn-Implement-Feedback-Expand) of our members and their clients through our Weekly Mastermind Meetings, Bi-Monthly LIVE Masterclasses, One-to-One Peer Coaching Process, Speaking Platform in TLC Speaker Clubhouse, Virtual Summits etc

To learn and get certified on Coaching Skills, Business Skills & Technology Skills, it costs more than 100,000 USD. Since our Mission is to create 100,000 World-Class Coaches & Trainers and create more high quality teachers in the world, TLC is the most affordable Mastermind community in the whole world. TLC annual membership fees are paid upfront during registration and no other fees involved. You can attend one mastermind meeting as a delegate for FREE and apply for a membership. Our

Authority Profile Test:

Authority Profile Test is the world’s first Self-Assessment test which helps our members to measure their 3 Skills & 9 Elements to become a world-class Coach/Trainer

  • Know your strength & weakness instantly
  • Easy, Simple and Quick
  • Focus on each area every month and grow your expertise
  • Online Dashboard to track every month progress
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