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Why Start TLC Franchisee

TLC is a business for people who love to become coaches & trainers. World needs more high quality educators to share their knowledge and impact the society. As the world’s leading Mastermind community, franchise owners help in creating & growing coaches and trainers to impact 1 Million lives.

TLC is rapidly expanding because it solves one big market need - No one institution or academy teaches coaching skills, business skills & technology skills in one platform and makes them implement.

Start a TLC Franchise and Impact 1 Million Lives

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Franchise Success Stories

A Global Implementation of Like-Minded Peer Learning Community

Veeresh Hiremath, Vice-President, TLC Cluster -6

Sachin Dahiya, Vice-President, TLC Cluster - 4

Preeti Muzumdar, Vice-President, TLC Cluster - 2

I would like to thanks Guru Murali and TLC community for making a turnaround change in my thought process and enabling me to become a successful Author of "Freedom from Rheumatoid arthritic pain" and "upcoming online digital course". Also thank you TLC for enabling me to be an independent digital person using canva,mind map ,online workshops and even designing my own website. I never thought a doctor could do any of these.

Dr.Anil Sharma
Preventive Physiotherapy Coach

It has only been 2 months since I joined the TLC community. And since then I have over 200 members in my private community, doing facebook lives consistently, podcasts on several first online course is in the pipeline as well as my first book.
It is said that it takes the whole village to raise a child, it's so apt on tlc too...the whole tribe is raising each other by praising and hand holding.
Where else will we get such nurturing.

Dr Nidhi Gupta
Painless smiles coach

Got the clarity on target audience and through that I changed my lead magnet to attract the potential leads. Just by changing that I got one client who is paying 1.5 lakh/month.
Earlier I used to work for the clients but after positioning myself, I am telling them how and what to do. So I have more independence.
Thanks TLC

Venkataraman Subramanium
Business Process Coach

TLC has helped me put a razor sharp process and plan towards achieving the business goals. With the help of the TLC community and inputs from Guru Murali and I have been able to make tremendous improvements in marketing - especially through social media.
The community aspect of this wonderful platform makes this even more interesting. We get to learn not just from the guru, but even from one another.
Thank you TLC & Thank you Gurus!

Rajiv Ambat
NuvoVivo Center for Obesity, Lifestyle Disorders & Research

Being a senior specialist in the department of anaesthesia, along the way trained and coached a lot of students and colleagues both professionally and personally. But after I joined TLC all scattered ideas were sorted and step by step a clear vision appeared for me.
The course is well designed, small bite sized videos and a simple way of explaining that makes the concept doable. Community support plays a tremendous role in propelling you further.
Thanks to guru Murali for giving such a great platform to make my second innings fulfilling

Dr Smita Malik
Harmony Coach


A Global Leadership Team dedicated in impacting 1 Million lives

Murali Sundaram
Founder & President
Gunasekaran A
Head of Franchise Operations & Training & VP 3
Preeti Muzumdar
VP - Cluster 2 Franchise
Sachin Dahiya
VP - Cluster 4 Franchise
Kailash Pinjani
VP - Cluster 6 Franchise
Manika Singh
VP - Cluster 6 Franchise
Veeresh Hiremath
VP - Cluster 5 Franchise
Jayshree Nair
VP - Cluster 5 Franchise

HQ Support Team

A Global Leadership Team dedicated in impacting 1 Million lives

R Vinodh Prabhu
Legal Counsel
Sabari Girisan
Auditing Partner
Thomas John
Technology Partner
Prakash Jiven
Head of Design & Technology
Kumar Sambasivam
Admin Manager
Customer Service Manager
Design & Social Media Executive
Content Writer
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A Global Implementation of Like-Minded Peer Learning Community