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Authority Profile Test(APT)

APT is the world’s first proprietary assessment system for coaches and trainers. We encourage all our members to take this test every month to know our progress in becoming a world-class coach/trainer.

3 Skills and 9 Elements are key essentials for any coach/trainer to learn and upgrade continuously. Mastermind members understand each other’s strength and help each other to develop their coaching skills, business skills and technology skills

This simple self-assessment inside the members portal area also helps our members to decide which element to focus each month and master them in a step by step way.

TLC APT Assessment:

All members measure their skills to a cumulative score of 150 points each month and strive to progress each month

  • Coaching Skills

    Serve your Clients by becoming a Big Fish in a Small Pond

  • Business Skills

    Monetize your Experience by creating multiple products/services

  • Technology Skills

    Leverage technology and automate routine tasks to build visibility & authority

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, its FREE for all members and we encourage all our members to take this test monthly once to keep track of their progress

You cannot download the report, but you can view all your test reports in your members area. Each circle has an APT/Technology coordinator along with your Mastermind leader who will help you to decode the report and plan your future progress

There is no profiling test for coaches and trainers. This report heps each to find out their score on 3 skills (Coaching skills, Business Skills, Technology Skills) and with 9 Key Elements to become a World-Class Coach/Trainer(Niche Clarity, Building Brand/Trust, Packaging your Intelligence, Selecting Clients, Live Events Mastery, Installing Automation, Funnelising Business, Establishing Authority, Mastering Sales)

Take your APT Assessment:

This Practical assessment helps you to know where to focus and where NOT To focus. Focusing one one skill and one element per month puts you into a competitive advantage and helps you to stay focus on your mission in transforming lives

  • Simple & Easy
  • Results always available in your dashboard
  • You can take the test any number of times
  • Opens up your mind towards greater possibilities