Mastermind community

Mastermind Meeting

Each week our members meet on a fixed day and time over an online zoom meeting. Each week, members learn, implement, receive feedback and explore their coaching skills, business skills and technology skills.

Each week members are given an opportunity to present one topic from the course library to present and teach other members. Teaching others is the best way to learn.

Members learn together and the presenter receives anonymous speaker evaluation which helps him/her to improve their speaking/presentation skills

Mastermind Agenda:

Members follow a structured agenda supported and guided by lead council chair and the mastermind leader.

  • Content Creation

    Members learn how to create content spontaneously

  • CLIP Presentation

    One member presents from course library and influences everyone to implement for the week

  • Keynote Presentation

    One Member delivers a detailed keynote address and receives feedback from members

  • Spotlight

    One member is helped by all member on how to overcome their challenges

  • Accountability

    Members help each other through One-to-One Coaching Practice

  • Recognition

    Implementors & Achievers get appreciated and inspire others

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each Mastermind have different varieties of coaches like Business Coach, Life Coaching, Fitness Coach, Health & Diet, Meditation, Healing, Leadership etc. You will be personally guided to choose your Niche Target Market and your specialization

Yes. We understand that this career can be fast-tracked only with personal mentoring and support. You will be assigned a mentor to be guided and supported throughout your membership journey.

Don’t worry. Many of us started from scratch. Our Community Members and Mastermind Leaders are here to guide you step by step to help you become a world-class coach/trainer

Yes. Out of sight is out of mind. But we have an attendance policy where you can be absent 3 times in a calendar quarter. Your membership gets cancelled if you take more than 3 absences. Attendance coordinators will guide you in the right direction towards your success.

Each Mastermind is facilitated by Lead Council Chair and Coordinators. Every six months roles get rotated so everyone gets an equal opportunity to explore their leadership skills. Ultimately Teachers are Leaders.

Accountability Partnerships:

Our Members hold each other accountable and help each other to grow their coaching/training career. Each meeting is designed to build relationships and appreciate each other.

  • Present & Receive Feedback from members
  • One-to-One Coaching Practice as a practice ground
  • Attend LIVE Trainings together
  • Join hands and promote each other